Payment methods

Payment methods

Credit Card Payment - Payment can be made directly through your Credit Card

Cash On Delivery  -  Payment may be made in Cash via our Courier Delivery Service

1. Payment upon receipt of the order at your place (cash on delivery):

1.1. Pay the employee,  upon delivering your order at your location.

1.2. According to the current tax provisions, orders worth more than € 500 to individuals (Retail Receipt) should be paid ONLY by deposit / transfer to a bank account.

2. Receipt and payment of your order in the physical store of A&M Lagoudes LTD Kangarucci:

2.1. In the final stage of completing the order, select "pick up from a store" in the Shipping Method. Your order will remain in the store of your choice, for a limited time after the order. Payment for the order will be made at the store cashier, upon receipt of the product, only in cash or by debit or credit card, and upon presentation of your ID (or passport).

3. By deposit in a bank account:

3.1. You can make a payment for your order on the following account of the bank we work with:

in a bank account of BANK XXX: IBAN: GYXXX. Account holder: XXX where in the information for the beneficiary the ORDER CODE should be written and send us the copy of the bank payment order.

Upon receipt of the copy of the bank payment order, the process of sending your order will be activated.



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